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ADOPT A HIGHWAY PROGRAM: This program is available through Holly Help and The Virginia Department of Transportation. It is open to groups and individuals who are at least 18 years old. Participants must agree to pick up litter 4 times a year for at least 2 consecutive years. Bags, vests, safety info and highway signs will all be provided to you. Anyone interested is urged to contact Sue Williams at 276-466-5375 for coordination and set up.

THE HOLLY HELP MOBILE RECYCLING UNIT TAKES IT TO THE ROAD: Holly Help will be parking its Mobile Recycling Unit in different locations throughout Bristol in an outreach effort for the public to donate their aluminum cans for the needy animals in our community. Dates and locations for the mobile unit will appear weekly in the Community Calendar section of the Bristol Herald Courier. Maintaining all of the programs and support initiative that we have in place is a very costly endeavor. Each and every aluminum can is of vital importance to our existence, to our mission, and to the very animals that we serve in our community. So, when you finish a drink from an aluminum can, please remember that the empty can will be used to benefit a special animal. If you miss our mobile unit, your bags of cans may be dropped off at Ferguson Animal Hospital 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (Please place cans behind the wooden locked door.)

WINDOW AND WEB SITE SPONSORS: Let us promote your group, business or organization. For a small donation, your business card can appear in our window at the Holly Help Headquarters #20 Sixth Street in downtown Bristol, or on our web site as a sponsor. At the same time you will proudly show your support for the animals in our community. Individuals are also welcomed as sponsors. A sign located above the business cards will remind people to give first consideration when choosing a place to shop to the businesses that have shown themselves to be both animal friendly and community minded. Sponsorship prices are $5.00 per month, $50.00 per year, or $100.00 lifetime.

PRESENTATIONS: If you have a school, church, civic organization or business that you would like a Holly Help representative to visit, we will be happy to come out and give a presentation regarding the who, what, where, when, how and why's of our mission to help the animals in our community, followed by a question and answer session.

BUMPER STICKER GIVE AWAY: Show your support and help spread the word of our need to recycle aluminum cans for animals by displaying our bumper sticker on your vehicle. Our stickers are free of charge and can be obtained while supplies last by sending a self addressed stamped envelope to: Holly Help Free Bumper Stickers, PO Box 1264, Bristol, VA 24203. We can only supply one bumper sticker per envelope please. As an added bonus, we will proudly post a photograph of your vehicle with the bumper sticker attached to it on our website. Please e-mail digital photos to the Holly Help webmaster at this site.

PRECIOUS PAWS PET FOOD PANTRY: A pet help feeding program is sponsored by Holly Help in conjunction with area businesses and donations from a very generous public. Free pet food is made available to needy animals while supplies last. Referrals will also be provided as to which other humane societies are distributing free pet food to needy animals in our area. All pet food will be distributed as it becomes available to us with first emphasis on providing assistance to multi-pet caretakers.

OPERATION STERILE FERAL: As of November 2003, Holly Help will take on another task. Across the U.S. there are millions of cats living in secretive colonies, mostly traveling for food by the shadows of the night. It is estimated by one local humane society that 12,000 feral cats are located in Washington County, VA alone...AND they're breeding indiscriminately! Most of these colonies are fed by caregivers who can't get close enough to handle the animals. Some colonies live off the food from restaurant dumpsters and neighborhood trash cans...AND they are breeding indiscriminately!

After almost 3 years of aggressive spay and neuter of domestic/owned community pets, Holly Help has made a decision to add an aggressive program for the feral cat colonies of our area. It is estimated by one shelter official that 30% of the cats that are received by that shelter are feral (about 65 feral cats just during October 2003). This figure simply does not need to exist. An aggressive and consistent spay/neuter program for feral cats can and will reduce these numbers.

This video was supplied by Alley Cat Allies.

For more information regarding feral cats and the trap-neuter-release methods, please visit www.alleycat.org. This organization is considered to be the nation's experts on feral cats and by which Holly Help molds Operation Sterile Feral.

Find more information about ferals HERE.

Print directions on how to safely trap feral cats HERE

Art Sales:

Local Abingdon artist and animal enthusiast, Jane Glover, is selling her wonderful art prints of "The Starving Artist Cafe" and is giving the entire sales profit to The Holly Help Memorial Spay Fund. Jane can be commissioned to do other art work also. Her "Cafe" prints sell for a very affordable $5.00 and can be purchased at any of the following stores.

1 Hour Photo, Euclid Ave., Bristol, VA


Memorials - Honorariums - Sponsorships

Go to following link to make a special contribution: Holly Help Special Gifts Order Form



KEEPER OF THE KEY: As a token of your compassion to help the less fortunate animals of our community, Holly Help is offering a complimentary key tied with a yellow ribbon. This special key is available for any amount donation and will be mailed back to you in a self addressed, stamped envelope, or can be picked up at Holly Help headquarters at 20 Sixth St. in downtown Bristol. Please mail SASE to Holly Help PO Box 1264, Bristol, VA 24202 and include a note stating that your donation enables you to become a Keeper of the Key.

SPECIAL OCCASION GREETING CARDS: Are you tired of mailing the same old greeting cards year after year? If you would like to make your greeting especially meaningful this year, here is your chance to break that old cycle. A gift of any amount to Holly Help will put your greeting on our web site for your special someone to see. Whether it be for Valentines Day, Easter, St. Patty's Day or just any old day, you name to occasion and we'll do all the rest.

Please mail order form and donation to: Holly Help Greeting Cards, PO Box 1264, Bristol, VA 24203

IT'S TAX TIME: If you have never used Liberty Tax Service, you may want to consider it. By presenting our special Holly Help Tax Coupon when having your taxes prepared, you will receive $20.00 off the cost of preparing your income tax return and we will get $20.00 for each coupon used. This will allow us to help even more animals in our community. This could translate into a very large amount of pet sterilizations for our community. You can pick up a coupon at Ferguson Animal Hospital, 636 Anderson St. or for coupons in bulk please call Sue Williams at 276-466-5375. A whole lot of appreciation is extended to the following people who thoughtfully used their Holly Help coupon at Liberty Tax. These people were directly responsible for providing the funding for needy animals in our area: H.D. Ball, Harvey Fickes, Eddie & Rebecca Fields, Timothy & Christy Howard, Tammy Roberts


Holly Help has been offered a generous opportunity from someone who has the capability to resell used books which are still in good condition. Monies from the resale of these books will be made available to Holly Help to generate toward the spay and neuter surgeries of animals in our area. If you have access to either hard or soft covered books, and would like to donate them for this worthwhile cause, you can drop them off at Communications Connection, 1315 Euclid Ave., Bristol, VA.

Special note: Sorry, magazines and encyclopedias cannot be used for this purpose.


Will Groom For Cans!

Two sisters team up to tackle the pet overpopulation problem. Through the generosity of expert groomers, Angie Cosgrove and her sister, Linda Tolbert, beginning in March 2003, The Holly Help Memorial Spay Fund will be able to offer one free dog grooming per month to the public. Anyone can take advantage of this offer by filling out an entry form at either The Pet Stop or at Ferguson Animal Hospital. As usual, there is no charge for your chance to win a free pet grooming. We hope you can bring in a bag of aluminum cans each time you enter to help with our fund raising efforts to curb pet overpopulation. Angie has 24 years experience with grooming and is currently employed as a groomer at Ferguson Animal Hospital. Mary and Linda both own The Pet Stop where Linda has her grooming shop Family Pet Grooming and grooms full time. There are a few restrictions on this offer and interested parties are asked to check with either Linda or Angie to find out more. Please be sure to mark you entry form with the word "GROOMING" when entering the contest. Angie~423-764-8335/Linda 276-466-0076




The Holly Help Memorial Spay Fund is working in conjunction with the Sullivan Co. Animal Shelter where we have instituted our "Second Chance Program". This program provides the entire funding for the spay surgeries of 4 animals per month, or (48 per year) which are adopted from the Sullivan Co. Shelter. The animals that are chosen to receive the assistance from Holly Help are determined by shelter staff and shelter volunteers. Those chosen are dogs and cats which are having a hard time getting adopted and for whom time is running dangerously close to the end. These animals can be viewed and adopted at the Sullivan Co Animal Shelter~380 Massengill Rd., Blountville, TN. The shelter is now open on Saturdays!

In the future, we hope to use this web space to display photos of these and other animals in desperate need of homes. For now, you can visit the Sullivan County shelter or e-mail us and we'll try to get the information to you ASAP.



At Holly Help, we believe in first impressions. That's where the resident groomer at Ferguson Animal Hospital, Lori Sherrill, steps in… Lori is now very generously grooming one shelter animal per week to enhance the chances of more pets being adopted. So, when visiting the Sullivan County Animal Shelter, don't let that matted little rag-a-muffin discourage your adoption. If you like 'em, grab 'em and leave the rest to Lori. Remember that we would love to place any photos you might have of your little rug-rat, both before and after its grooming, directly into our fabulous "We've Been Holly Helped" scrapbook.


Pizza Plus Donations:

Holly Help is working in conjunction with Pizza Plus to receive extra cash to benefit our Spay-Neuter Program. When Holly Help coupons are used, we receive a portion of the cost of each pizza sold. The coupons can be found snuggled in the front pocket of a cute little Pizza Pup and hanging at various locations in the Tri-Cities. The coupons can also be found at some of the Pizza Plus stores. These coupons are honored at ALL of the 57 Pizza Plus locations in TN, VA, NC, and KY. You may also click here for a printable version!

So, the next time you have a craving for a pizza, please consider Pizza Plus and help our area animals at the same time. (Be sure to present your coupon at time of purchase so we will get credit.)

Additionally, if you know of a location where you can hang a Pizza Pup Coupon Display that will be accessible to your friends or coworkers, please contact us!

Check back often.

Volunteers Needed:

Volunteers are always a needed and welcomed commodity at Holly Help. We have several structured programs available for your consideration. We are always open to new suggestions and ideas so, if you would prefer to volunteer at a position or opening that we do not have listed below, please call and let us know.

- Distributing flyers throughout the community.

- Maintain or establish a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly local collection route where aluminum cans would be picked up on a routine basis and transported to a central location.

- Adoption Referral Coordinator: Responsible to cross reference applications of pets that are eligible for adoption which applicants seeking to adopt. Goal is to establish a match which will result in providing a long-term, loving home for area pets.

- Marketing/Sales: Make the public more aware of our promotional products including T-Shirts and Tote Bags. These are not fundraising items, but are sold and distributed for exactly the same price as it costs us to have them manufactured. No sales experience needed, just a high degree of motivation and imagination.

- Assistants needed to work pre- and post surgery position at out-of-town spay/neuter clinics. Transportation provided or you may use your own vehicle.

- Highly responsible drivers needed to transport cats to out-of-town clinics for surgery. A Van, SUV or Pick-up Truck with a camper top is a MUST for this position. Also, local transportation needed for pets going to local surgeries. All animals MUST be transported inside of a closed vehicle. Crates or trap will be provided for the animals' confinement.

- Photographer with digital camera needed to visit local animal shelter on a bi-weekly basis in order to obtain photos of those animals being sponsored by Holly Help with a free spay or neuter surgery or a free grooming.

- Groomers needed to volunteer their services for shelter animals to enhance their chances of being adopted. Use of your own facility is permitted or shelter facility for grooming purposes can be arranged.

- Can collecting with a Holly Help Team at events such as Bristol Motor Speed Way, race fan campgrounds, Food City Family Race Night, Rhythm & Roots Festival, Great American Clean up, South Holston Lake Clean Up, etc.

- Volunteers needed to staff booths and info tables at events which are both hosted and non-hosted by Holly Help. All booth and table materials will be provided. Hours are flexible, ranging from entire day to just a few hours.



Track Record:

In an effort to keep the general public informed of our progress with spaying and neutering animals by using the money generated from recycling aluminum cans, we maintain and update mini-posters at all of our drop-off locations. We have named this posters 'Track Record' because they keep our donors informed of the number of animal that have been sterilized as a result of Holly Help efforts. As the figure rises, so should your level of pride, knowing that you are personally DOING something within your own community to help combat the very tragic problem of pet over population. So, keep an eye open for Track Record… this poster has been designed especially for you!